Always Thinking...
What The Fuck Is "Always Thinking?"
Author: Evvie

Know me as Evvie, I'm the same guy who made the sites; Evvieco and Psychonauts. I've now made this one. I'd like to write longer articles than I normally do. My journal wasn't producing enough inspiration to make long enough articles, essays, stories etc. All I ever do with it is throw in some random thoughts. So I'll keep the useless minuscule thoughts there and keep the larger (but no more or less useless) thoughts, stories, poetry, articles, writings etc on their very own page. And I'm going to call it "Always Thinking", and it's appropriate, I can't stop thinking. I never seem to go more than a few seconds without some inane thought going through my mind. Once I have a subject I analyze it until the things I'm thinking and coming to realize are mind-bogglingly useless, for anything other than entertainment.

If anyone out there in internet land has something sweet they'd like to share with Always Thinking, such as; a story, poetry, a dream, essays, articles, whatever. As long as it's a work of literature (preferably artistic) I'd like to see it, and if it's deemed interesting and entertaining enough to take up a few kilobytes of my webspace it'll be up in no more than a shake of a leg or two.

You can send your submissions to or you can put them on the forum; "School Of Ridiculisms"

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