Always Thinking...
The Adventures Of Evvie & Bwett
Author: Evvie

Evvie is a small boy. It is his first day of school. Evvie was worried about going to school because he thought it would be hard to make friends and that his teacher would try to hang him by his head from the ceiling with metal wires. He tried to pretend that he was sick to get out of it but his mom knew he was faking. When Evvie arrived at school after much kicking and screaming he looked around and realized that he didn't know anyone in the class. NOTE: Evvie was a slow boy. This made him feel bad, so he sat down at a table and did nothing. Mr.Nado (Evvie's new teacher) asked Evvie what was wrong and Evvie told him that he didn't know anyone.

Mr. Nado laughed and said "Well I'll just pair you up with Bwett, he seems to have the same problem you do." Mr. Nado is a zombie and he likes to eat a lot of french fries. Because they are made of PEOPLE. He decided to start teaching because he was bored just lying around in his grave all day. Yes, dead people still have thoughts and they will GRAB YOUR LEG if you walk to close to their graves. At first when Evvie and Bwett were paired up they were quiet around each other, but as soon as Evvie mentioned the Ninja Turtles Bwett said, "Wow, I like them too!" Evvie and Bwett got to talking and they found out that they had all sorts of things in common. They both wondered if their other classmates had the same interests as them. When they investigated it, it turned out that some of them did share some of the same interests. Making new friends isn't that hard, you just have to mention something you like and give them a fair chance, or one day you might end up cutting yourself for fun.

One day Evvie was over at Bwett's house and Bwett had a cat. When Evvie saw the cat he went to pat it and Bwett yelled "DON'T PAT THE CAT!" but it was too late and Evvie had already patted it and it hissed at him. This scared the jibblies out of Evvie. Bwett thought he had seen some of the jibblies run under the fridge. "Why's your cat so mean, Bwett?" said Evvie. "He's not mean he just doesn't like to be patted" Bwett said back. Evvie & Bwett played Ninja Turtles for a while and when they were tired they went inside for freezies because it was summer and they were hot. While Evvie was eating his freezie he saw the cat and decided to try and pat it again.

Sure enough the cat hissed and the jibblies were scared out of Evvie once more. Evvie was running out of jibblies. Bwett said, "don't pat the cat he doesn't like that!" "Oh, sorry," Evvie said back. "Try petting him softly" Bwett instructed. Evvie petted him softly and he purred. "Some animals don't like to be touched in certain ways, you should always be sure it is safe to touch an animal before touching them or you could get the jibblies scared out of you, or worse," Bwett's mom explained in a voice that sounded like a witch's cackle and a rusty chainsaw combined. Neither Evvie nor Bwett had any problems with animals ever again because they always asked the animal's owner if it was safe to touch it, and if it didn't have an owner they left it alone.

The fifth day into school Mr.Nado said that they were going to have a test to see how prepared the class was on an average. He mentioned that you would need a pencil with an eraser on the end of it, and since this was a test to see if you are a prepared person or not all Evvie could think of was remembering to bring a pencil to class on Thursday. Evvie asked Mr.Nado to write a note down for him reminding Evvie that he needed to bring a pencil on Thursday. When Evvie went home he practiced bringing his pencil places. Later that day he saw a person on TV hold a pencil on the top of his ear so Evvie decided to hold his pencil in the same way, because he thought it was cool. When Evvie went to sleep that night he was so obsessed with the pencil that he dreamed about it. On Thursday morning, Evvie put the pencil on top of his ear and strutted his way to school. It seemed like the proper thing to do.

When he arrived at school he talked to Bwett and asked if Bwett brought his pencil and sure enough he did. Bwett was always prepared for everything. When the test was handed out Evvie reached for his pencil on his desk, but it wasn't there! He looked under and around his desk and it wasn't there either. He even looked in other people's pockets and mouths and was still nowhere to be found. "WHERE'S MY PENCIL AT!?" Evvie yelled. "Quiet down Evvie, we're doing a test. You may use my pencil," Mr.Nado said. Evvie thanked Mr.Nado and then worried about how many marks he would lose because he couldn't find his pencil. On the way out of class Evvie wondered where his pencil actually went, and when he looked at his reflection in the glass it was in his ear the whole time. He showed Mr.Nado that he actually brought his pencil and that he just misplaced it. "Oh, well that will get you some extra marks then" Mr.Nado said after laughing at Evvie. He wasn't serious though, teachers LIE TO CHILDREN AT EVERY GIVEN CHANCE JUST TO SCREW WITH THEIR FRAGILE MINDS. It's funny how things can turn up in such obvious places.

One day Evvie noticed that his dad was barely home anymore. This behavior confused Evvie because his dad had a computer job that he worked on from home. Evvie thought that his dad would be back anytime soon. Evvie was wrong and he didn't see his dad until it was the next weekend. "I can only see you on the weekends now, Evvie, because your mom and I have a disagreement" Evvie's dad explained. This "disagreement" made Evvie feel sad but his dad cheered him up in no time. After a little while Evvie wasn't bothered by the fact that he could only see his dad on the weekends, but one day a man named Stan moved into the house with Evvie and his Mom.

Evvie thought that Stan was mean because he would boss Evvie around a little, much the same as his real father would. Evvie would always ignore Stan and hide in his room. Evvie's mom went into his room and sat down behind him and said; "your step dad's not mean he's just adjusting, he needs time to get used to living with us. Like a new puppy." Since Evvie's mom explained that to him using a puppy in the story Evvie now understood how Stan felt about all of this and decided to make friends with him. It turned out that Stan liked the same things Evvie did. Sometimes people act strangely when they meet someone new, you have to give people a chance to act like their real selves. But do not make the same mistake Evvie did, never make friends with your step parents, they are evil people bent on destroying you.


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