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Author: Anonymous (Don't know why I bother putting that there, everyone knows who wrote this)

I've been wondering if I should put up the following story on here for a while, but I figure it's too interesting and entertaining to keep to myself. So here I go.

Iím going to tell of my first time having sex. Real sex. Before my first time I just had stupid touching, amateur-way-too-young-to-be-doing-that-sort-of-thing sex. I plan on being pretty graphic, so you might not want to read this if youíre a pussy.

It started early last year when I was 19, I would always work the floor service shift at my job, and a certain lady would always come in to the store when I had those shifts. This woman looked over 35 at least, but she was still quite attractive. A cougar. A MILF. She gave hugs whenever I helped her in the store. Not nice and friendly hugs, hugs in which she was rubbing her body against mine vigorously. She did this for weeks, then she moved onto heavier flirting, and always making me get movies for her on the bottom shelves, so I would have to bend to get them, and thus, she would get a good look at my ass. She was obvious about it, saying things like ďmmmĒ and ďniceĒ whenever I did it. Kisses on the cheek, dangerously close to the lips and more than 10 second hugs with grinding action is what I was getting for helping her find her movies when it was close to summer. Then she stopped coming in. I knew this woman as Mrs. Robinson for a long time. I did find out her real name but Iím not going to repeat it to anyone. Or any other name in this story.

A week or two of being rid of this woman, a young girl, no younger than 15 started heavily flirting with me on a regular basis. A lot of flirting goes on, on the floor service shift, but this flirting was much more obvious than the average flirtation. This girl acquired my MSN address and began talking to me quite a lot over it. One day she asked me to come to a big house party where a lot of people were getting smashed and doing a lot of drugs, she said Iíd get free booze and drugs if I came, so I was all over that.

When I got to the party there were maybe 7 people there, but that was fine, more free intoxicants for me. I got insanely messed up, Iím not sure what I put in my body, but Iíve never been that incredibly unsober in my life. I had just the right amount of things in me to remember what happened, and I think they were aiming so that I didnít. I stopped drinking and she got a little nervous and started to force other drugs on me. Which I took, but always slightly less than what she urged me to.

The girl took me upstairs to a big bedroom, which looked like a typical parent's bedroom, and sat down on the bed with me. She basically jumped at my face to start making out with it. We must have been at it for 20 minutes when she told me that sheíd be right back. I laid back and was considering slipping out, because I didnít want to have sex with this girl, or anyone, because I thought I was asexual at the time. I took too long thinking about it.

She came into the room. Mrs. Robinson. Not the girl. It was a setup! Mrs. Robinson must have sent her daughter to Blockbuster to get to know me and then get me over to the house, and drug me up so she could have sex with me. Holy fuckity fuck damn shitass fuck!

She was wearing a one-piece sundress. For about 10 seconds. Then she was just wearing a grin while she walked towards me. I thought I was hallucinating until she was on top of me, literally tearing my clothing off. At first I wasnít erect, because of the asexuality, so she went to work on me with her ďoral skillsĒ and succeeded. I attempted to stop her and go but she put her crotch on my face. Since I had a crotch on my face I figured ďwhat the hellĒ and tried eating her out a bit. I stopped because she stank and tasted like moldy beer and gasoline. She didnít want me to stop, and was trying to force me to continue, and I knew this because she was humping my face. She had me pinned. This was rape! No way eh!?

Itís good that Iím a flexible guy, I got her off of me, I took my legs and hooked them under her arms and planted them on her tits, I then pushed her down onto the bed with my legs so that I was standing on her. This must have turned her on or something because she was sucking me off intensely again. This woman must have had a lot of practice with it because she was amazing. I forgot that I wanted to leave. It's true what they say about older women, I guess.

Just as I remembered I really didnít want to be doing this she tripped me so I fell on my back, and she immediately jumped on me and I was in. She screamed with pleasure, and told me that she was coming a few times. I started laughing on the spot, because I realized what had just happened, I lost my virginity to a woman twice my age, it was essentially rape, and I wasnít totally lame in the sack like I thought I would most definitely be.

I think we did every possible position that two humans can fuck each other in over the course of 6 hours. I lasted 6 hours my first time. Must have been the drugs? Maybe, but every time Iíve had sex I have lasted or could have lasted a long time. So I have no idea. After a short while after we started I tried to leave again, but she forced herself on me and hit me. That made me angry, and I figured I wasnít going to be able to get away because I was too drugged up, so I decided to make this the most painful fuck sheís ever had. I started slamming it into her as hard as I could each time, I bit her, scratched her and slapped her all while fucking her. Half of the moans and screams coming from her then were ones of pain. To top it all off I put it in her ass, even though I didnít want to. I felt the need to harm this woman. Get revenge, I suppose. I wasnít gentle on the backdoor either, and at one point she tried to get away, but I didnít let her. I may have laughed maniacally.

After it was over she told me that I was the greatest and that weíd have to do this again sometime, minus a few things. She then waddled out of the room. Iím a lucky person, I didnít get a disease from this woman. We didnít use a condom. Actually, for all I know I could have gotten her pregnant. I could be a father by now and not even know it. As soon as she was out of sight I grabbed the most masculine looking clothes she had from her dresser (because mine were all torn) and tried to leave. When I got outside I got dizzy and fell down. I was still too drugged to even know where I was. I didnít know where I was to begin with because I got a ride there. I did know I was far from home.

I started to crawl in the direction I thought home was and the young girl stopped me. She helped me back inside and said I had to stay there for the night. She tried to make out with me again but Iím pretty sure I fell asleep. I know that when I fell asleep I was wearing clothing. When I woke up I wasnít, and neither was she. I asked her what the hell she did while I was asleep and she said, ďI didnít think youíd mindĒ and rolled back over. So I suppose Iíve officially had sex with a woman, and her daughter, and sex during sleep all in the same day that I lost my virginity, supposedly being very good at it, and all while being asexual. Maybe this is a record of some kind?

As soon as I could, I left and walked home. I was in the next city over, so it took me hours to get back. I took a wrong turn a few places, and my leg was fucked up for a while afterwards. The experience made me even more asexual than I thought I already was. I didnít want anything to do with sex for 7 or so months. The next girlfriend I had, had a hell of a time getting me to fuck her. Even when I did I was only doing it because I love her, and then when I was just realizing Iím definitely straight and my mind was clearing from not being unsober all the time she broke up with me for being asexual and unsober. FUNNY HUH?

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