Always Thinking...
My Fucking Goodness
Author: Evvie

Fuckin pointy objects,
I should learn how to dodge them,
heatseekin motherfuckers.

Feces in the blood.
Reproduction of death,
causes bloated feet.

When the mind is gone,
and knocks on my door at 7 AM,
I hope it remembers who's in there.

I was enhanced too much,
and was filled with liquid/solid stupid.
Couldn't even use the word "love"

Using the mental powers,
has let me keep my emotions.
I still like music.

I keep remembering stupid shit.
In daycare I threw a drawer at someone, and thought birds lived in wood.
I must tell someone.

Seriously doesn't believe me.
No idea how to prove it,
hopefully proof is wanted.

Holding it back isn't helping anything.
Only drink water, only eat bread.
Allergic to ambrosia?

Let us cut you,
and take all your money,
at least we'll be smiling.

Ah, my fucking goodness,
it's been raped in the earhole.
Kinda tickles my brain.

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