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Resisting Barbie
Author: Evvie

I have a problem with the toy "Barbie" I don't think it's a very good toy for little girls to play with. They may come to idolize Barbie. It may influence their adulthood. At first Barbie seems to give off a good message "You can be anything you want" but there's a lot to Barbie that's bad that a lot of people seem to miss.

She's a robot. Or a monster. Or possibly a robotic monster.

She must be, there was never any evidence of her being a child. She is also capable of anything and everything. No human woman is capable of what Barbie is capable of. No human woman is able to be a doctor, a superhero, a lifeguard, a snowboarder and 15 million princesses (of varying species) all in one lifetime, while maintaining a "perfect" Hollywood look, which has lasted for over 60 years.

Now, perhaps she isn't a robot, she may be a biological being, nonetheless she is not 100% human. Another theory is that she is like Frankenstein's monster, whenever an organ or a limb gives way it is replaced. It would explain how she stays in the same condition no matter what happens. But, still, she must have a robotic brain to be able to do all of the amazing things she does. Also, she has no nipples. There's proof right there of her not being human. Personally, I don't trust anything that doesn't have nipples.

The real genius behind Barbie must be some unknown creator. The creator must have created Barbie to make money, so they would never have to work for a living, or do any chores. I believe Barbie's "sister" Kelly is the creator's child, but charges Barbie with the task of taking care of her. Same goes for any other children that have shown up. I believe the creator's name must be Mattel, after the company that manufactures the Barbie toys. Mattel was around way before the 1960s but was not popular until something happened around 1959. That something must have been the creation of Barbie. Mattel must have sent Barbie into the office of the Toy Company and had her destroy the owners to take over and begin their empire.

So as you can see, our little girls should not be idolizing monsters or robots. But there is nothing we can do about it, because anyone within a hundred-mile radius of any Barbie product is brainwashed into ignoring how peculiar Barbie really is. The reason I'm able to type this up and get it on the Internet is because I've moved to a cave in the mountains of the arctic.

Please everyone, snap out of it, if the information is right in front of you the brainwashing will not hold up long and we can get this nasty monster off the earth, before the inevitable happens, which would be Barbie attempting to enslave the human race.

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