Always Thinking...
The Dreams Of The Morning Of October 1st, 2005
Author: Pat

Went to Helen's for a party but it wasn't actually her house, it was MY house (I didn't realize that) "I don't remember walking here!"-I kept saying that (I was in some other dream before that, I think we were at a hotel. partying) I was dressed in a bunch of white sheets which were wrapped around me, and she was kind of ignoring me, and I kept asking her what the plan was for tonight and she wouldn't really give me a nice answer; i.e. "what the fuck do you think it is?!!! It's just a normal party" was one of them. So I left the house to go 'home' and get changed anyway. I stood by the window at the side of my house (Helen's house) to try to hear what people were saying inside. I was afraid someone would see me so I walked over into my dark driveway. I wasn't decided whether I should go 'home' yet, I was sort of wandering. I could barely see because the sheets were partially in front of my face, and then I suddenly spotted a man in a yellow jacket standing at the end of my driveway, a foot away from me. "Holy crap!!!" I said, startled, and I fell over sideways and backwards, but it didn't hurt, the sheets shielded me. He said "holy fuck!" and started complaining about me walking almost right into him (because of my obstructed vision) So then I went back in and told people about it, I think I told Helen but she didn't really answer again. Then suddenly I was in my room (which I'm guessing was my home) using the phone, I made a call and waited for it to ring. A girl picked up and was already talking to someone else when she answered. It reminded me of when the phone rings and you pick up and you figure out that someone's cell phone accidentally dialed your number on its own. I waited a few seconds and waited for her to answer.

Her: "hello?"
Me: "I"
Her: "who's speaking?"
Me: "who is this?"
Her "who are you?!"
Me: "Pat"
Her: "Pat?"
Me: "Yeah...uhh...I think I have the wrong number"

Then we hung up. I went back to Helen's house, but I Can't remember much else. I do remember sitting at a table with her though, half on my lap with a bunch of people. I also got in a fight with Corey in the basement (which was completely unlike my basement) We got kinda violent over the remote, but I just gave it back when I got it from him. Then I was outside on the back deck, but it was day, and cloudy(dim) and all the girls were in yellow/white clothes, except Alexa, who was dressed in her normal getup and was alone in the corner of the house (outside) in a chair sitting at a round picnic table bench. She smiled and told me to not listen, and to go to the other table.

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