Always Thinking...
No Inner Monologue
Author: Pat

I decided to do an experiment, where I had to have no inner monologue, or rather vocalize everything that crossed into my mind.

I started in the shower.

I started getting lightheaded and flipping out. I had to say everything I thought, even the unconscious thoughts; if I moved I had to say; "now I'm gonna move my arm" while I moved it.

It got progressively worse , because you realize that you have to talk more and more, and faster and faster, and then it starts to get really bad, but then ultimately you have to realize that you are talking, so then you have to say "k now I'm talking", but you have to do it forever, constantly, and interject really quickly about whatever you are doing or thinking.


I wanted to be like one of those people who doesn't think and just yells all the time, but it didn't work cause I still ended up thinking. Eventually though, I got to this state where my thoughts were pretty much non-existent because the talking took over.

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