Always Thinking...
A Dream I Had While Taking a Nap On June 22, 2007
Author: Micaela

I was at home waiting for my mom to finish cooking dinner. I took a trip to the kitchen to check the progress and she informed me that we would be having company, which shocked me because we never have company over for dinner. I asked who was coming, and she said an old friend, which shocked me even more because my mom isn't very social. Suddenly I realized the kitchen table was missing, so I asked her what we would do about it, and she calmy replied with nothing. Next thing I know, I'm putting the final touches on a table I'm guessing I constructed out of clay. For some reason I wasn't troubled by the fact that I don't own an oven large enough to bake such a creation.

Then I was at the park with my boyfriend and one of my other friends, and my mom called to tell me she couldn't pick me up so I needed to find a ride home. I asked if my dad could pick me up, but the phone cut off. So I dialed his number and he agreed to come get me in twenty minutes, however as time progressed he never arrived. I sat in the center of a jungle gym with my boyfriend, and suddenly a huge crowd of people appeared seemingly out of nowhere. About four girls just started attacking him, all making out with him at once, so I continued sitting there waiting for them to be done. Eventually they disappeared and he came back to me. I asked him what that was about, and he told me it was about nothing. I took his word for it, and we left the jungle gym while suddenly the idea dawned on me that I was probably dreaming. I told him this, and he laughed. I told him it would be cool if there were a light switch handy, that way I could confirm my suspicion by flipping it. He didn't answer (or I don't remember what he said) and we continued walking away from the playground.

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