Always Thinking...
Zombie Pool House
Author: Evvie

Within an extravagant pool house made of tile there were thousands of old people having a good time. The entire place was made of white grouted tile and none of the pools were very deep so that the old people wouldn't drown. From all the entrances zombies began pouring in and after a short time, ate all the old folks, turning them into zombies too and the old people (now zombified) continued to play happily. After that the Justice league showed up and started slaughtering the old people zombies mercilessly. Superman was seen ripping heads off and punting them through the chests of other zombies, the dream was intensely gory and detailed. After a bit the Justice league got bored with just killing them and started torturing them to death, doing things like ripping fingernails off and impaling them through the ass on sharp sticks. I got bored of the scene and left the pool house and ended up at an island town that was very beautiful. It was primitive mostly, and the structures were made almost entirely out of wood and vines. A lot of people lived there and were content with their lives. It was my job to make sure the inhabitants of the island didn't hurt themselves. They were little turtle things that all walked in single file lines. I had to prevent harm from coming to them by pulling levers and pushing switches and guiding them away from sharp objects and cliffs. I wasn't helping because all the traps got them and a lot of them died, but no one seemed to care very much. Once they all died I had the time of my life living in their abandoned buildings and eating all their food. Soon after, I found a door, behind it was a knight in black armor that challenged me to a duel. I accepted and shot him with an arm cannon and he exploded like Megaman. Out of nowhere all the creatures were alive again and they were all about to fall off a huge cliff into the sea. Some of them fell off the cliff but it turned out they landed on a giant parrot which they stole a pendant from which actually opens a portal to a courtyard where Grover from Sesame Street was giving a speech to his evil minions. He was dressed as a wizard and was very important. When he spotted the turtle people he dumped ice cream on them and walked off the stage in a bad mood. As punishment for me helping the turtle people I got sent to a school to learn to draw badly with a black haired girl whom I hated immediately. The school was made of orange brick and the lighting was all street lights. It had a very uncomfortable vibe to it. All the students were morons from my past school experiences, except their stupidity was amplified. They had all wet themselves and in fact, the entire school smelled like piss. I decided to run away and eventually got out into the park by my house where Drew picked me up in his car and handed me a revolver. He had a shot gun, and together were blasted apart these skin spiders that had human mouths. We had to drive by them to shoot them because they would bite us if we didn't. When I woke up I felt great and was really craving some pizza.

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