Always Thinking...
Rainbow Magic: The Kutiemuffin Pai: Part 3: Town Meeting.
Author: Evvie

Via missed four days of consciousness. It could have been a lot less but he was a Phausion, and Kutiemuffins didn't know very much abut healing their wounds. When he awoke in his blood stained bed he was still in agony. It turned out that the Kutiemuffins had tried to heal him by pouring flour and milk into his bullet wounds. Via grabbed a nearby knife and began to dig around in his bullet wounds to attempt to extract the slugs. After 3 hours of excruciating pain he threw the second slug onto the floor beside his bed along with the knife. They clanked loudly on the wooden surface, which startled his mother awake. By the time she entered his room he was unconscious again.

A few days after the incident the mayor of Acetoss went around town informing everyone that there would be a town meeting in a week provided Via was well enough to attend. This was all the town was talking about, of course. Acetoss was never so proud of Via before this moment. He had single handedly saved them all from certain destruction. Only two farmlands, 4 houses and town hall needed repairs. Unfortunately 9 Kutiemuffin lives were lost, most of them children or elderly. Sometime on the fifth day Via woke again and began attending to his other wounds. When he had looked after all of them as well as he was capable he found some chocolate beside his bed. It looked as if he was being fed this in his sleep. He had some more and rested for a while.

His mother came in to visit him and when she found out how well he was recovering she threw her arms around him and broke into tears. She did not let go of her son for 3 hours and 12 minutes. Many gifts of thanks were delivered to Via by nearly every villager and he had a good time opening them with Zaj and the gang on the sixth day. Shipments to the kingdom had ceased, along with all work as everyone was too shaken to get anything done. Archibald had locked himself in his room for the majority of this time, hiding either under his bed or in his closet, only coming out to eat. Herms kept a very watchful eye on the mountain pass and Ulria and Zaj mostly used their time to visit with Via.

When it came time for the town meeting, Via was wheelchair bound. He showed up with his family a little late being pushed by Zaj. When everyone was gathered in front of the podium the mayor very solemnly relayed all the information he had received about the incident. They did not know where the black abomination had come from. As it turned out Herms and Via had disturbed the tank and it tried to run them down. It chased them all the way to Acetoss, it's deadly spiked treads only barely missing them. If the mountain pass had of been wider, there would no longer be a Herms or Via living in Acetoss. They feared that there may be more of these destructive creatures on the other side of the mountains and did not want to take any chances. The castle would need to be informed. Of the tank and of Via's strange powers. No one had known before this that Via could shoot crazy rainbows through his fingertips. The townsfolk demanded that he go on stage and demonstrate many times before they were satisfied he was performing real magic. Via knew of his power all along, but chose not to do it in public, he didn't want anyone to think he was showing off. Via had asked what happened to the six legged creature when he shot it with his rainbow magic. The villagers took turns telling him the story in pieces.

After he had shot the black metal man he dropped Via to the ground, put on a nice fedora with a white feather in it's band, along with a matching tie. Then a pudgy owl with a greenish hue to it flew down from a nearby tree and landed on his shoulder, they then walked off down the mountain pass in a strut. After this the villagers demanded once more that Via perform his magic. Every time the rays touched something, that something got at least a little more awesome in a killer way.

It was unanimous, Via would be the one to venture to castle town and explain the problem to the King and Queen. The crowd exploded with applause and cheers when he agreed. He had no problem with doing this; he realized how urgent a matter it was. His parents though, forced Via to stay home until he could walk properly and stopped spontaneously bleeding and puking everywhere. 2 days after the town meeting, nearly the entire population of Acetoss showed up at the exit path to see him off. His parents, brother and close friends each gave him their own goodbyes and everyone cheerfully waved as he rode down the path on a crop delivery cart leant to him by Herms' father towards castle town.

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