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Rainbow Magic: The Kutiemuffin Pai: Part 4: An audience.
Author: Evvie

Via lay back and let the Stuffies pull the cart he was on along the dirt road. Via wasn't a harsh driver on them so they could walk as fast or as slow as they pleased. Stuffies were fox like in appearance, but with long pointy ears and white fur. Their eye color varied yet was always bright. Via fell asleep several times on his way to the castle. He slept right through the ride through the bustling castle town, or he would have if the pastry shop owner hadn't mistaken him for a shipment which was three days late. Once Via had explained what had happened in Acetoss and why his shipment had still not shown up, the Pastry shop owner fled indoors and drew his curtains at a fast walk.

When Via arrived in at the castle's gates a few guards informed him that the castle was closed until further notice. He could not get advice from the King or Queen just yet. Via went off behind a nearby shrubbery to relax a while and to nurse his wounds that had been smarting constantly. He noticed the guards became bored and went for a walk around the castle. He inspected the door and gave it a little push. The doors creaked open, as it was never locked and hardly ever closed. Inside the castle seemed deserted. Everyone was hidden in their rooms, mulling over what was going to be done about this black monster problem.

Their majesties were in their rooms, unaware of their intruder, worrying over what to do. They stood together far from the windows hugging and whimpering. They nearly jumped through the ceiling with fright when Via slowly creaked their bedroom door opened. They had not seen a Phausion before, so they ran to the nearest corner to quiver. Via calmed them down only by using his facial expressions. They didn't seem to be angry with him for barging in like he did after he told them he was here to ask for advice on how to solve their black monster problem and that he was willing to help. Their spirits lifted magnificently, actually brightening the room. Literally. Both rulers immediately agreed, he would be the person to assemble the next Kutiemuffin pai. They had him explain further about how he knew about the black monster problem. After he had explained about the incident with the black tank in Acetoss their spirits were lower than before Via had entered the room. A sound of anxiety fell on their voices and the two begged him with tears in their eyes to assemble the Kutiemuffin pai. Via agreed quickly just to cheer them up, though he hadn't the foggiest clue of what the Kutiemuffin pai might be. It showed on his face, so the King and Queen took Via to the planning room and summoned a few more Kutiemuffins into the room with them by asking a nearby door guard to fetch them. Minutes passed and the royal counselor and the head baker appeared in the room and sat down. As everyone knew about the monster within the castle they did not need to be told what this meeting was about. It was right down to business. The king walked up to the podium and stood in front of it, at the first table in front of it Via sat alone directly facing King Jipompolopolous. The Queen and the others stood around him, the Queen to his left and the Baker and counselor to his right. The king began to speak in a voice very much like a drill instructor, minus the insane screaming; "Lad, I'll explain a bit firstů What we need you to do m'boy is piece together the second coming of the Kutiemuffin pai. What that is, is the killerest thing ever. It will always bring something great to the kingdom and its peoples. Usually the pai appears as a beautiful young lady!" The king turned his head to the royal counselor and he shuffled forward and said "Young man you are in for some traveling. We are going to need you to travel across the entire world as we know it. Through every country upon itů" he seemed frightened by this idea. After he sapped out of his fear the head baker spoke up with his bit of information. "Well. A long time ago the last Kutiemuffin pai was made in an effort to set all things right. It was a concoction like no other! What yer gonna need for the recipe is ohh, only the most rare thing from each country upon the globe!" he laughed after he said this and then continued "This is the recipe" as he sent a piece of parchment gliding through the air and onto the table Via was sitting at. It slid silently onto the table and came to a halt on the edge. Via leant forward and dragged it towards him with the tips of his longest fingers and began to look it over.

The Kutiemuffin Pai: TOP SECRET!

Ingredients: 1 keg of alcobi.
2 buckets full of unicorn guts.
1 fallen star
1 very large blast of pure awesome/killer
10 gallons of true love
3 chunks of ultimate cuteness
7 essences of inner and outer beauty (14 all together)

"Don't worry about how to put er' together. That's my job. You just get those ingredients as fast as ya canů.And as you might' a noticed, it's a secret. No one outside of the castle knows this recipe and you shouldn' tell anyone neither." The baker said in a final sort of tone. "And also!" he began to go on, raising his finger into the air "You'll need to be figurin' out how to get some of those ingredients on your own. The only way we'll be able to help is by telling ya that each ingredient is in a differn' country."

The head baker looked back at the king and they nodded to each other. The king then said with a sigh "Do you understand, lad?" Via nodded slowly. He understood what he had to do, but why? How would creating this "Kutiemuffin pai" make the black monsters go away? He scrunched up his face and was about to ask this when the king said "We need you to do it lad, please!" His voice went higher at the end of his sentence, panic was in his voice. "Lad" he continued "if you bring the second coming of the Kutiemuffin pai she will protect us from the black-the black - the black things!" His highness was shaken just thinking about them. Queen Trinipinity was looking down at Via from the small stage they were standing on, smiling solemnly. She stepped forward and drew a breath in "You will stay with us at the castle for a day or two, yes?" she invited pleasantly. Via accepted the invite with a quick nod, he didn't want to have to travel all the way back to Acetoss only to have to come right back here to start his quest. "Wonderful! We will have dinner together! Head baker, could you please set up the dining hall for the king, myself, Abigail and Via tonight?" The queen asked happily. "Certainly your majesty" responded the baker with utmost respect.

Via stayed in a guest room, spending most of the remainder of the day napping. When he was summoned for dinner by a helper he needed to be shaken awake. During dinner they had all sorts of food Via had never seen before. He had never eaten this well. They discussed a lot of things other than the assembling of the pai, they were saving that for the last. They went over such topics as: Phausions, Acetoss, what happened with the tank again, and other things that were more pleasant. Their majesties decided then that they would plan Via's quest in more detail tomorrow in the planning room with more qualified Kutiemuffins present to lend their advice. Queen Trinipinity and King Jipompolopolous both helped each other in telling the tale of the first Kutiemuffin pai. They told him that it took place hundreds of years ago, when their kingdom was just beginning. It was the doing of the first king; he was a marvelous baker, rivaled by no one. Making the Kutiemuffin pai was what made him king in the first place, starting the line that Jipompolopolous descended from. It's said in legends that when the Kutiemuffin pai appeared in front of them, it appeared as a beautiful Phausion female. She gave the Kutiemuffins the power to make sugar, the greatest and most common ingredient. She told the first king that she could not stay in this reality or their minds and souls would be overloaded with cuteness and that she had something very important to do or their world and many others would not exist. After that was said she faded away and never returned. Their majesties stories ended at that, and this is where our main story of Via ends as well, For the time being.

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