Always Thinking...
Rainbow Magic: The Kutiemuffin Pai: Part 5: The First Pai's Quest.
Author: Evvie

To complete her world saving task she would need to transport herself through many realities, imaginations, universes, galaxies, freeways, inner sanctums and solar systems many times over for many countless years.

When she had done just that and arrived at her destination, a planet its inhabitants called earth, she had to become a human baby. She found an under developed fetus, still within its mother and possessed its body, completely taking ownership of it. In the process all of her memories and most of her magical powers disappeared forever. She kept the powers of ultimate cuteness and ultimate prettiness only, any other power she would have would be developed on her own. When she was quite young, she made a friend that lived next door to her, and through that friend she met a young boy. She and the boy were playing with each other daily for a long time. Within a year or less of being together she had fallen in love with him, but would never say anything about her feelings because she believed herself to be too young to feel this way. What she didn't know was that he loved her too, just as strongly. After many days of playing together terrible things happened to her and they were separated. The boy attempted to rekindle the friendship a few times, but due to a miscommunication of feelings they stayed apart. Years and years passed and the wonders of technology established a very small link to one another. Her love for him flared again and his for her. During this year the boy experienced extreme sorrow, and what it felt like to be truly and utterly alone. An evil corporation joined forces with sickness, death, insanity and the cowardice of the human race in an attempt to destroy his soul. They came close to succeeding, but he came out on top in the end, and due to this he became a man.

Once all of his problems were solved, on a whim he decided that he would attempt to make her his girlfriend. It was the best decision he had ever made and will ever make. Ever. They shared a first date, and he gave her, her first kiss (which was adorable as fuck) and they became a couple that was happily in love. She inspired him to make this story, and he wrote it with as much love as he could possibly translate into text. He didn't go back and change any of the story so that he wouldn't accidentally backspace any love out. And thus, she ensured the Kutiemuffin kingdom exists. Oh and she smells really good too, did I mention that?

Her quest now completed, what was there to do now? Sometime on August eleventh 2007, their first anniversary; she read this story and when she reached this paragraph the story had ended, but there was one page left, so she turned to it and saw a question the author hoped she would say yes to…

THE END (for now)

Note: Make sure you read Rainbow Magic when it continues in comic form. It will be announced on the main page of Evvieco when it launches.

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