Always Thinking...
Author: Evvie

I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I have no food. I forgot my lunch. There is no food, I am hungry. There is food in the cafeteria, but it isn't mine. Don't steal the food. Don't. You can't. You're not a thief. Just suffer. Learn from your mistakes. It's petty and pathetic. Just ask someone for money so you can use the vending machine because you forgot your lunch and you'll pay them back tomorrow. Ahh, can't do that. Too much social interaction with strangers. Plus you don't want to be friends with anyone here at work. So, no food. Relax. Distract yourself with something. Can't. Too hungry. Need something to eat. No one's in the cafeteria right now. You could get some food. Maybe if it'-no. Maybe if it's not in a lunch pail? No. Just hang tight. Eat a lot when you get home instead. Hungry. Hungry. Don't. D-don't. stay seated. Don't put your jacket on, and don't go out that door. Stop walking to the building. Don't unlock the door and go inside. Just turn around. You're a thief. Stop. Hopefully someone will be in there to stop you. Okay. Open the fridge and grab. Don't pay attention to how loud you're being. Get in and get out. Very quick. No one is in here. No stop. Last chance not to be a scumbag. Ugh. Okay. Put it back. You need more. Put it back it won't fill you up. Put some paper towels in your pocket so no one will see it poking out or something. Put that pop in your inside pocket. Zip it up. Get the sub, the sub it's a sub in there. Okay get out of here. Alright you're a thief. Put it back, you can still put it back. No you can't . You can't. Someone will see you and it'll all be over. Okay well you'll have to pay that person back somehow. Leave some food on the table or something sometime. Or some…nevermind. No. it won't work. Maybe you should just apologize and explain. No… Go back. Put it back. Ahh it's too late fuck it. There's food in front of your face and you're not eating it. Fuck it. God it tastes good. Fuck. That was so good. Damn. I feel soooooooo guilty now. I'm a bad person. Things always taste better when they're stolen.

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