Always Thinking...
The Terribly Sad Kittens 2
Author: Evvie

Apparently, shards of glass don't come out of a cat as easily as one might think. In fact, it took quite some effort to yank out all the large fragments from the mother cat, now named "Starpaws" thanks to the mildly insane woman who found her as a bloody mess on her bed one evening returning from work. This insane woman, by the name of Margret could not have imagined anything worse to come home to, as she was totally in love with cats. She already had 20 cats sharing her one bedroom apartment with no plumbing before the arrival of Starpaws. This now brought it up to 21. This would mean she would need 4 more cats due to her obsessive compulsive disorder not allowing certain things in her life to be in any amount other than fives or tens. Margret fashioned Starpaws with a handy new kitty eye patch, for her missing eye. The eye patch had a tiny heart on it, and so did the pink ribbon tied around her neck to cover up a large nasty scar. Poor Starpaws had to be shaven in places so Margret could dig out all the smaller shards of glass. The amount of cat blood on the bed and floor couldn't be cleaned with all of Margret's towels, she had to resort to some unwanted articles of clothing. Unfortunately, her wedding dress was used by accident during the cleaning. The insane woman tried to console herself on the matter by reminding herself that she had never been married, or even in a serious relationship. It was only for fantasy Fridays anyway. This made her sad and in need of pills, on her way out of the room she locked the door. Starpaws did not see her again for three days and nearly died of starvation, being unable to fend for herself given her current condition.

The Mother Cat had no recollection of how long she had been in this strange new place, only that she needed to get to her kittens to feed them, and that she needed to feed herself. Third on her list of things to do was recover from her wounds. Being unable to do the other things, she opted for this, and began licking the hurt spots. Eventually the pain was so great she mustered a tiny yowl which prompted stomping noises and the door to fling open to reveal Margret standing there in huge rain boots, wobbling slightly. This insane woman started making cooing noises and advanced on the Mother cat with her arms outstretched. Starpaws attempted to escape but wasn't strong enough, she was scooped up into Margret's arms and taken into another room with many more cats and a glowing box of some kind. Margret was immobile with Starpaws on her lap for a very long time after dressing the cat's wounds. While she slept the Mother cat managed to get down to the floor to attempt to find her kittens. She landed clumsily and not without hurting herself. She was met by three other cats. All male. It wasn't long before one was trying to mate with her while the other two were scratching and biting her face. The ruckus did not awaken Margret, but it did get the attention of 5 or so more cats that quickly joined in on the scratching and mating. It ended when Starpaws lay down in the pool of her own bloodied defeat. This was also the same moment that Margret woke up and realized what had happened. Her drugs had finally worn off. She was hurriedly cleaned and cared for again and put back in the original room, with the door closed.

The next day the Mother cat found she no longer had any vision, as her other eye had gooped itself shut, because she lost the eyelid that covers it. She would never shut her eyes again. She was being fed now, every so often food would appear in front of her, or she would find some whenever she went a little while without finding more. Starpaws was in indescribable pain. It would be a week before she would be well enough to attempt an escape to feed and care for her babies.

The darkness was wet. The darkness was cold, and it stung. There was no air to be had, and it made the four kittens dizzy. Soon they were dumped out of the wet sack they were being carried in. Finding themselves in a new dark uncomfortable area, the kittens chose to meow for their mother some more, but she didn't show up. As it turns out, their kidnapper was a homeless man, who was very hungry. His plans were to skin the kittens of their fur and roast them over a flaming garbage can. He reckoned he could eat all four. He placed an empty garbage can over the kittens so they wouldn't wander off while he went off to steal himself a knife.

The kittens were now in the darkest place they had ever been. Not that it mattered too much, as their eyes were still new and unable to work very well. Time passed slowly until the darkness went away abruptly. The homeless man had returned with his new knife and a hammer. He slammed the hammer down towards one of the kittens but missed. He was sloshed beyond reason. The homeless man's balance left him and he fell on his behind. Since it was daylight, attention was brought to his curse words directed at the kittens. One young girl saw the kittens and asked if they were his. He responded by making a stabbing motion at her face with his knife. She ran off. The bum put a wet cardboard box over the kittens and decided to sleep off his drunkenness and eat them later. Within the hour the homeless man was lifted to his feet and was suddenly hauled off by a police officer that the girl from earlier had ran to. Not seeing the kittens from earlier she and the police officer spent a small amount of time looking for them, failed and then left.

The kittens were very cold. All were shivering. Moisture from the roof of the wet box continuously dripped down on their heads. A rat came by the alley they were in to search for food and stumbled upon the box that contained the kittens. The rat ripped the box open enough for it to fit inside. It bit two of the kittens on the neck repeatedly, attempting to kill them, in response the kittens made an attempt at escaping, but couldn't see where they were going. Pedestrians that were walking by ignored the box that squeaked and mewed. All except one man, who knew he could make money off of things that squeaked and mewed. He took the box off of the animals and tossed it aside. The kittens were whisked away to his pet store while the rat ran off, disappointed in being denied his kill. Once at the pet store the kittens were put on the main display with a sign that read "The Terribly Sad Kittens. We were found on the street, wet, cold, hungry and covered in blood, please take us home!" The kittens were still not fed, and every so often the manager would bang on the glass to scare them for fun. No one seemed to want them and soon they would get sick and die like the rest of the animals in the store. There's no way in hell the manager would be paying for their medicine either, there'd be no profit in that.

After bashing her head off of several pieces of furniture, the Mother cat found her way to the front door. It was time to get out of this place to find her kittens. When she found out she couldn't walk through the door she crouched down behind it and would await the return of the insane woman. She would open the door and the Mother cat would dart out to freedom. When Margret opened the door 2 hours later this is not what happened. What happened was Starpaws got a door in the face and was knocked backwards. She was crouched on the wrong side of the doorway. She was cooed at some more and picked up and brought back to the room she was recovering in. She lay down on the bed and soon she could feel four other small cats snuggling up against her. Kittens. Her kittens, she had found her kittens. Margret had bought the four kittens from the store so she could have 25 cats, 21 was an unacceptable number. There was no longer anything to worry over. Margret would feed them and take care of them for the rest of her life. Which would be about 2 weeks, because she would die from a drug overdose and her 25 cats would be left to live in their own filth and slowly eat her corpse until someone came looking for rent money.


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