Always Thinking...
White Orbs
Author: Anonymous

Metal bugs.

coming from a red relic.
Devouring slime monster which devoured other slime monster.
Getting a runny nose afterward.

Take a stroll on down to the F boiler
Take a stroll on down.
Near death trailer.
Attempt to recapture 1986
Fail hard.

Make up scientific phrases, an
d pretend they're amazing.
No don't.
Converse with Poland himself and dodge mortar.
Sexuality preyed upon,
in exchange for time,
but she just lays there going "ow ow"

Stop to gather it up.
Smokin' cigowettez
Perform in a straight line---panic.
Red relic pipes up again,
that it has all whites and some classic veg and mould
to enjoy.

Slide it on down there and drop some bombs
Red man
Green man

If we keep wishing for pixels and
Leg warmers
It still won't come back.

Magic bracelets, come on.
She smells like instant salad.

Devouring flying monster which devoured skin robot monster,
,this time.

Stare at polygonal near nudity.
Jesus Christ so sexualized.
Use face to sip half circle glass slantways
Into the black
This is all just practice.
More people write poetry than read it.

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