Always Thinking...
Stream Dream
Author: Evvie

I realized I was dreaming and started flying around. After a few seconds I forgot I was dreaming but was still in the sky. I morphed into some invisible force that was watching a war take place.

There were soldiers sitting on couches that had turrets mounted to them. The couches were basically jeeps that they were driving around and killing each other with. At some point one side made progress which allowed me to go back to my room where a bunch of young guys I don't know were hanging out on my bed. They started flirting with me and kind of snuggling up to me. It didn't bother me, I felt okay with it, but not interested. Since all they wanted was a snuggle I didn't tell them to fuck off.

Later we woke up and one of them called me over to the computer to show me something. It was a site that was meant to enlighten you. We were making fun of it at first but then the site became the setting and the guys disappeared.

I was on a small island with an equally small dock. The whole thing was probably 10x10 feet. I stood there and looked out into the green sea and yellow horizon wondering what I should be doing. I noticed a boat at the dock, with no oars. I kept standing there for a while and then the ocean became unsettled and the water line kept rising. Within 10 seconds I was underwater, but I couldn't feel it and I could breathe just fine. I was still standing as if I were above water. I looked up and I could see the boat and the island above me and to my right but also underwater. Pure blackness surrounded me in all directions and I got anxious and started to wonder if sharks or something scary would come from the blackness to get me. Then the camera of the dream switched to something in the sky that sensed me as vulnerable and came down from the sky towards the water. I felt sleep-paralysis-esque fear and it woke me up.

I was sweating like mad and I jumped out of bed with my eyes closed and sort of screaming. I caught my balance on my door and looked around and didn't know where I was for a second. I had to turn some lights on and calm myself down. I couldn't get back to sleep. It was probably the 2nd or 3rd scariest dream I've ever had, but definitely the most extreme reaction I've ever had from a dream. It scared the shit out of me, even when I went to work the next day I was on edge the whole night, constantly looking up and all around thinking something was after me.

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