Always Thinking...
Author: Evvie

"15 bucks a month? Fuck that"

"Nah, you have to pay monthly, fuck that"

"They delete your account if you stop playing for a month? FUCK THAT" (not actually true)

"I'm not paying monthly. I'll never play Warcraft."

"Tell me about Warcraft. I'm curious about it. Why do so many people play that shit?"

"I am afraid I'm going to play it."

"Don't let me ever play it. Stop me, I'll get too addicted and gain 10,000 pounds"

"who left these Warcraft books laying here? At work. While it's slow. And no one's around."

"What's this you say? 10 day free trial? I'll just see what it's all about"

"Ha, he looks like me except with muscles"

"What's the big deal? This isn't so special"

"Why's this such hot shit?"

"11 million people play this?"

"I'm not going to subscribe"

"That guy has a motor bike? You can ride motor bikes? I'll subscribe next month maybe."

"You can have a kitty!?"

"Okay what's the big deal about 20 bucks? I'll live"

"I'll subscribe next month."

"Hyuck hyuck!" (after learning how to /dance)

"Okay, I'm subscribing tomorrow"

"Goodbye, social life."

"I'm 50 levels away from the expansion material. Better buy them now so I'm prepared."

"Am I addicted to this? Someone stop me…" (said at 4:57am, alone on a Saturday)

"Do I really play it too much?" (said while playing it)

"Someone stop me from playing WoW all night"

"So you're telling me, if I make someone else play, I get a ROCKET??"

(What follows is extensive badgering and convincing others to play Warcraft that I'm not going to write out. Just know that I got 3 other people to play)


"If I work on being productive for an hour I'll reward myself with some Warcraft"

"You can make 50 characters? Mmm, I think 30 will suffice"

"I'll just do one of each race, class, gender and specialty, but that's it."

"If I can somehow get the internet at work…I could get paid to play WoW, then it'd be like I'd never have to stop playing...Did I really just say that? Oh God oh God."

"Blizzard has at least made 500 bucks because of me"

"It's FEBRUARY!?" (Actually March)

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