Always Thinking...
Garbage and a Sideshow (My Homage to Charles Bukowski)
Author: Jebus Zeus

garbage and a sideshow

she gazed at me like i was some mutant she had just peeled off her arm and flicked upon the wall. i told her to get the fuck out but she wouldn't listen. so i walked over,took the water off the chest of drawers by my bed and threw it in her face.

get the fuck out you dumb whore i said. she rose, asked for her three dollars and hurriedly ran out the door yelling she wished i was beaten to death and thrown in a hole by the hells angels. the virgin mary you're not i muttered and went to the window.

As i was watching three cops bludgeon a drunk to death, my door flew open. it was my buddy sal who conveniently was also my bookie. he ranted and raved about me owing him 300 for my loss on the dodgers the night before and added he could pay to have my legs broken if he wanted.

I started laughing at the same time as one of la's finest cops suddenly looked up, waved at me and then continued his deathblows of justice onto his vic. i waved back chuckled, looked at sal and told him to get the fuck out. i had things to do and would pay him in the morning.

i grabbed a dusty bottle of jameson that was laying half spilled on the dresser, took a drink and thought, i wonder if that mangy dog is over on 57th street. i love kicking him as i go on my nightly wanderings.

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