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With the depletion of my hindmost beer, I should just dare aspire, but repugnance articulates for me, and I wish I would just expire. But morrow has its pros, and ye shall binge again, and come forth new adverse feelings, to purge at with my sins.

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Apocalypse of Trends

Hold that Thought

How to swear at your foreign friends!

Checkout Hostility

Damn parents

Damn parents 2

Crappy Movie Analysis

Video Game Smashing Mongloids

-=Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the nun make me?=-

Eyes Feeling a little funny?

Sharing is for pussies

Censorship is Ruining the world

Stupid Fake SOBs

Dumb liars

Banks = WOW!

The Best Movie Ever

Old people are the best

The Predator cast + us = HOLY FUCK


-=DH's are special. It even says so in the year book=-

Nice Chin Asshole


Zombies shits

One entry found for Badass.

Why we have stupid shit n' shit

Power writing

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Sorry Bitch, You Lose


-=I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!=-

Hit this

I Win, Slut

Lisas Mistake

Fuck Niagara Falls

Gotta Hate Getting Ditched

More Lisas

Nadia Is A Fucking Paki Name

I'll Tell You What Isn't Funny

If It Wasn't For Lisa I Wouldn't Have Anything On This Site

-=He ain't afraid of no man!=-

I Want To Be Drunk 24/7

Chain Messages Are For Morons

The Crew

Retard Sends Hate Induced Email!

Japen Pal

Robots Should Mark Our School Work

Apparently I Am Racist

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