I have seen the clock say 11:11 to me, almost night after night. I have never met a human being that can remain so constant as a clock. Repition does have meaning, and sometimes its hard to see. When I turn my head, I smile this number to see, and it sends a warm feeling down my back. But I have seen this number structure one million to many times, on many different things, including receipts, signs, score boards... I even once had a bank statement the read $11.11. for the past year or two, I have probably seen 11:11 at least every third day. What does 11:11 mean to me? Perhaps remember. Remember the days events. Remember what was said and what was done. I decided that I would search 11:11 on the internet and see what would turn up. What turned up was more than I had hoped for. It turns out that I am not the only one that see's this blatantly strange combination of the number 1 every where I go. Check out this link if you want to read something really strange. A group of deranged cyber-geeks blowing the matter way out of proportion and blathering on about some 6th gate that opens inwhich we all must gather and hold hands and stand on the stepping stones that line that atmosphere, enriched with the letters of our names to enter and then the earth explodes into a star and we survive and get sent to what is most likely some firey hell where we have to make babies with Opra all day and sing christmas songs! It freaks me out, but I am damn glad that I have seen the numeral value of one side by side by side by side a few gazillion times. HAVE YOU?