Apocalypse of Trends

I was walking home from school today and I was thinking a little bit about how much influence one could have on another. A few days ago I decided that I was going to start a little sledding event for Saturday, just to see what would happen. Turns out like 30 some odd people know about this sledding event of the century, inwhich we all get together, get smashed, slide down a snowy slant, and have one alcohol induced hell of a time. How did I start such an event? I know, its cause I am the best and everyone wants to do what I do. One day you will see people wandering the streets wearing red flannel jackets and dark black dress pants or corduroys. One day people will wake up and find rips in their close and grab some boxing tape and tape them back together. One day people will steal canned peaches from the poor ethiopian food drive to eat at lunch. One day people will sleep naked. One day people will brush their teeth with forks just to proove that they are men. One day people will cut down trees and shoot deer, cause they will be men. One day people will have 2 inch penises. One day people will love christmas. One day people will do nothing. One day people will listen to Danzig. One day people will be just like me, once the word gets out of just how much I f-ing rule.