Hold that Thought

Ya you. Hold that thought. Today I asked a teacher for some information on the suffrage of canadian women. I really did want to know cause I was helping some crazy lady with some essay of some sort. He started going on and telling me some usefull information that I was greatfull for, but after a while I think I had enough. What was I supposed to do, just walk away? He started to tell me about his opions on the matter, and that is when I realized that I don't care about anyones opion, unless it really has something to do with me. I am thinking that I am not the only one who thinks this. But of coarse there are those out there who do care for some reason, like you for example. Why are you reading this? You must care. Its not like this is interesting or funny. So I have developed a new term which some of you may already know about. ATTTOM. What this stands for is asshole that thinks their opinion matters. I mean it doesn't apply to everyone, just those who should just shut up because nothing they say can change the feelings or facts of the subject at matter. This is an example of an atttom. "Hi my name is Marko Morello, and I am 17, and I think that capital punishment is good and abortion is bad. I am facist." WOW! Good for you asshole. Do you really think your opinion means anything to anyone besides the fact that you're a facist scumbag who can't even win a school president election against a girl and seem to think you can take over the country? It doesn't. No one cares dick face. Your not even classified as human until you turn 18, so shut up and save your 2 cents for your campaign in another year. This is a fine example of someone who is not an atttom. "Hey bitch, you look damn fine today. I like your sweet ass, you want to go shoot some ducks with shotguns and then maby kindle some lumber after we mud wrestle and drink beer? I think you should." See that is something that would be classified as a good opinion. It acctually would create a deffining monent in ones history, either a nice brused face and a feeling good but denying it girl, or a damn good night with a good old tall boy and a muddy lady and some wood. So if you are gonna open your mouth and tell someone about something you have to say, think if it will effect them in anyway first, because if it doesn't, than I doubt they care.