How to swear at your foreign friends!

Ever had some scumbaf friend who your are just dying to swear at in their language? This page is for you. It took alot of research and effort to get this stuff so you can thank me in whatever way you want. (as long as it is good for me)

I am going to start with German because we all know that it is by far the most awesome wicked sounding lanuage. Is there even anyone who is German? Oh ya, well there is a large portion of gothics today so I think they may enjoy this!

Blodes Arschloch - Stupid asshole
Scheisse - shit (I am sure that alot of you have said this before and not even known the meaning!)
Fotze -cunt
Blode -Fotze stupid cunt
Mutterficker - motherfucker (Now that is ficken cool, it sounds like an angry mongloid or something!)
Hurensohn - son of a bitch
Hure - whore
Depp - idiot
Drecksau - dirty pig
Arschgesicht - Assface
Fick dich! - Fuck You
Fick mich - Fuck me
Schlampe - Tramp or Slut
Das geht dich einen feuchten Scheissdreck an -None of your fucking business
Auf Wiedersehen Fickakopf - Goodbye fuckhead
Leck mich am Arsch - Lick my ass
Mach es dir selber - Go fuck yourself
Scheissekopf - shithead
Lichten mein asch - kiss my ass

Some good old french, cause I think everyone should learn this...

Merde - shit
Manges la merde - eat shit
Tu me fais chier - you're pissing me off
Vas faire foutre a la cache - go fuck a cow
Encule - fuck you
Salope, ordure, conasse, poofias - bitch
Va te faire voir - go to hell
Vas te faire foutre -go get fucked
Vas te faire encule - fuck you
Fils de pute - son of a bitch
Tu m'emmerdes! - Fuck yourself!
Le con, la conasse, la chatte - Cunt
Ce sont des conneries - That's a load of shit
Leche moi et saire me renier - lick me and make me cum
Putain, pute - whore
Cul - ass
Bite - cock
Paure con - asshole
C'est rien que de la merde - Its just a bunch of shit
Maudite vache - asshole / bitch
Va chier - Go shit
Tu mangeras le tas - You can eat the pile

Spanish. Damn right. I'd watch what you say and to whom.

Chingas tu madre - Fuck your mom
Mierde - Shit
Chupa me, puto - Suck me, asshole!
Chupe me verga / chupa me la peha - Suck my dick
Puta - whore
Puto - dickhead, asshole
Verga - dick
Panocha - pussy
Culo - ass
Chinchis - breasts
Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk
Hacete cojer - Go and get fucked
Hijo de mil putas - son of thousand bitches
Metete un palo en el culo - shove a stick up your ass

Italian. Once again, beware of who you say these things to. Wouldn't want to get knifed to death.

Puttana - whore
Fungula - fuck
Merda - shit
Vaffanculo - fuck off
No Skuche ala Gats! - What the fuck do you want from my balls?
Posse mangiare tu fiaga - Could I eat your pussy?
Tu mardre come butse pecie - Your mom smells like fish!
Un chessa - You have the body of a toilet bowl
Chesso - faggot
Fa mi un bachino - Suck my dick

And Japanese...

Ba ka yaroo - stupid bastard
Chikushoo - oh Fuck!
Kuso - shit
Ima imashe kuso - Eat Fucking Shit
Urusai kono bakayaro - Shut up you crazy motherfucker!
Ching ching - penis
Ketsunoana - Asshole

Son of a bitch! It took me forever to gather all this information and then I found this site... Just my damn luck. If I didn't have bad luck then I'd have no luck at all. I thought that I was the originator of this idea. Ptf.. Yeah right. I bet some asshole has already made this entire site already word for damn word. I quit.