Checkout Hostility

Is there a certain age at which point women realize they can take their fucking time in the check out at stores? THERE ARE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU ASSHOLES!!! I'm in line at the checkout at Zellers, there are two old women in front and my mom is also ahead of me. She is an old woman too. These fucking women take their precious time (which they don't have much of left) and load all their meager items on the counter. They then feel the need to make small talk with the 20 year old cashier who is obviously annoyed with your geezer ass. "Cold out today huh?" Yeah, it's fucking winter in Canada bitch, deal with it. So the cashier gives them their total and they scurry into their mother fucking huge ass purses to pay in exact change. That's right, instead of giving them a $20, they need to count out the $19.43 because they feel the cashier will be greatfull. It's their fucking job to give you change! Next is the air miles. The mother fucking air miles cards. God forbid if the cashier forgets to ask for their card. "Excuse me, I have a HBC rewards card.". Good thing bitch, you don't want to miss out on the 50 fucking points from a $20 purchase. By the way bitch, you need about a million points to get something good. So after they get their card back they place it back neatly in the purse, then proceed to examine the receipt to make sure they didn't get ripped off. They then grab their items that have been bagged and woddle off to enjoy the remainder of their pathetic lives. After the 3 geezers make their way out of the store, it's my turn. I slap my DVD's onto the counter with attitude. This shows the cashier I mean business. She runs them through the scanner quickly to ensure I don't slice her guts out. I get my total, whip out my bank card and she runs it through. I punch my shit into the keypad, BANG! I'm done. She dares to ask if I have a rewards card, at which point I throw a boulder at her face, grab my fucking DVD's and strut out of the place. It's that easy people. Men do the checkout properly, women don't. What else is new.