Okay, this is it. I am sick and tired of dumb ass parents not knowing anything about fucking technology! My dad seems to think that he is going to take his 20 year old monochrome IBM computer in and get it upgraded. Ever since I banned his ape-like ass from my machine, he has been saying that he is going to take his in, and when he gets it back it is gonna blow mine away. HAHAHA. If he brought that hunk of petrified dinosaur shit in, they would laugh in his mental looking face. The thing that goaded me to write this friggen angry rant was this. I was sitting here on my computer just minding my own business, and then my mother came down stairs and decided that she was going to watch a digital video disc, otherwise known as a dvd. I instantly knew that I was going to be bombarded with stupid moron asshole questions that a friggin braindead labratory born mongoloid could answer. Why must I have to go through this pain? How do you turn it on you ask, the fucking button that says power! It can't get much more simplistic! The goddamn power button! What one is the stereo? Well, it isn't the one you just put the movie in, it isn't the big thing with a screen on it, it isn't the one that plays records, SO IT MUST BE THAT ONE! Ya that one that I labeled so that you would leave me alone! No sound still? Turn the fucking volume up bitch. Adam once told me a story about his mother, inwhich she was asking how to move the cursor on his personal computer. He told her in normal human terms to simply move the mouse where you want it to go, and the crazy bitch picked the mouse up, then placed it on the other side of the desk. WOW! Do your self a favour and go slide down a giant razor into a pool of iodine where you belong. Bitch. I think we all know the questions that they ask, and I just can't say anymore cause I think I am gonna go bang my fucking head off the television screen and hopefully blow it and myself into smitherines.