Video Game Smashing Mongloids

For as long as there have been video game consols, there have been assholes who get mad and destructive with the games. Smashing controllers, punching gaming systems, stomping game cartridges and cd-roms. Older siblings are a perfect source for this phenomenon. Throughout my video game system history, my brother has broken a controller for each system. Most memorably a dual shock controller for playstation one. You know, the badass ones with two joysticks and a rumblepack built inside. Perfect to put on my nuts when grinding stuff in Tony Hawks Pro Skater. Anyways, my brother rented twisted metal 3 so we could play multiplayer and shoot each other and shit. After about 3 rounds of me kicking his ass he got fed up and started punching the controller saying "Fucking buttons are sticking!". Maybe if you didn't eat a slice of fucking greaseball pizza while playing video games the buttons wouldn't stick you gorilla mother fucker! After kicking his ass a few more rounds he finally hit his breaking point, taking the controller by the wire, swinging it around over his head to gain momentum then SMASH! The controller blew up into a billion shards of grey plastic and computer chips. I sat there in disbeleif as to what he had done. I vowed to never kick his ass in a video game ever again, only to save our precious controller supply. Justin was telling me about the time his older brother Chris was playing this train simulator game. The object of the game was to build a train track so the train could run. When this task became to overwhelming, Chris proceeded to crumple up the floppy disk that the game ran from. Why would Chris resort to this behaviour you might ask? Perhaps to save other people from the frustration of sucking at video games as much as he does. Smashing games and computers doesn't change the fact that you suck.