Sharing is foolish

Why do people share? I mean there is nothing wrong with sharing but there are certain things you just don't share. For example one thing that pisses me off more than anything is dumb asshole looners who share bars of soap. I hate nothing more than going into the shower and seeing a dead rat sitting in the corner of the tub. Ya I really want to pick up a chunk of of fucking pubes and wipe myself off with it. "Scrape them off" you say? Fuck you. How about I fucking shove a lamp shade down your throat and then shit in it and fucking steal a train and flatten your fucking soap sharing ass to the ground so they can fucking scrape you off with a snow plow you slimy scumbag fuck ball. "Yo buddy, de ya tink I could have some a dat shit yo puff puff yo?" Lets share smokes! I don't have enough disgustingness all over my lips and black disgusting lungs, I need some of your fucking tech bum cancer lip goo on my lips aswell. How about everyone who smokes just goes and jumps into a giant industrial grinder and turns them self into a giant pile of black goo so everyone who is smart can go and shit on it and then dip their lungs in it. The couch. Wow. I don't care if it has three cushions on it. They make it like that to save your stupid ass form lifting a 572Lb blunt object every time you need to gather change for 40s. If I am watching a movie I want to lay down so get on the floor where your face belongs your filthy pile of scum. Come to think of it, die well you are down there and osmate through the floor so I never have to see your ugly sharing face again. There are a lot more things that one should not share with others, but I am going to go eat some cheese sandwiches, the food choice of real men, who don't share dumb shit and don't smoke.