Censorship sucks anus hairs


We live in a country in which we are free right? Free to express our opinions without fear of breaking the law. WRONG! What do you think the MPAA is for? This is the group of mother fucking volvo driving soccer moms who want to shelter their fucking kids from the real world. Their job is to ruin the artistic vision of movie directors. Sure putting gore in a movie isn't breaking the law, so why is it possible for the MPAA to censor a movie? It's easy. They view the movie, and based on how violent, gory or sexual it is, they slap a rating on it. This rating determines who can see this movie, hence, censorship. "But Adam, we don't want our children growing up to be violent! These movies are violent and are a negative influence on our children!". Sure, if you're a bad parent. Stuff your kid full of ritolin and sit him down in front of some disney cartoons and I'm sure your kid will grow up fine. I was lucky to grow up with parents who are not strict at all. They don't care what I watch, what I do, what I drink, what I inject. Well I'm sure they do, but they trust me enough to know I won't be an idiot and do drugs and kill myself. This is good parenting. When I got out of line as a kid, they didn't pump me full of drugs, they yelled at me. This doesn't only happen in movies, it happens in the news. How are we supposed to find out whats going on in the world if news is biased? It's simple, we can't. There is no reliable source of news unless you are there to see everything in person. We are basically fucked into beleiving what giant parent companies who own news broadcasts tell us. Why am I even writing this? It's probably going to get censored.