Mega Rant


Fucking americans. They piss me off. They are so fuckin dumb and want to destroy everything.
Whats with them needing to rule every piece of land they can? Do they think it makes them
better then the rest of the world? And why do they love destruction so much? I once talk to an
amercian who insist that nuclear bombs are the best thing that ever happen. And every american
you speak to loves to kill animals for the fun of it. Everyone is like we should kill all the
pakistanis and east indian people. I say fuck the states! The world should come together and bomb them.

They are fucking stupid too. I am always asked by americans what music I like, and it seems
that every band i mention they laugh at me and say it is'nt a band! I can only think to myself,
you stupid yankee redneck fuck, this bands are from the states! I've had americans laugh at me when I
say that I live in niagara falls canada! They say, niagara falls is in the usa! You dumb pieces of shit.
Go fuck your family and make some retard babies. I think i know where i live asshole! And they think
that is in Canada is a bunch off beavers and blubber eating eskimo fucks. We arnt so far from you that
the tempurature drops 50 degress assholes! And they think that Canadian beer sucks?! If it sucks so
bad why the fuck is every canadian a beer lover? And they think that they are better because there
dollar is worth more. Thats because canadians arnt greedy fucks like them!

So I concluded myself by saying