Cast of Predator=World Domination


The predator is a movie made for men. I think that the cast of the predator should run this continent. If that was the case do you know how much ass we would kick? We would start wars for fun, (the other 2/3s of this continent) and we would win them all. I am going to tell you why every cast member should be a main political figure, and also how cool they are.


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Dutch. I mean just look at this crazy mother-fucker. He would beat the shit out of all of Germany at once, squish them into a ball, and then punt them off the face of the fucking planet. So who cares if his cock is smaller then Christina Aguilera's? He is the man and his huge muscles and spandex mean business. Have you ever noticed that in every shot he is flexing his huge puffy muscles? That's because he is going to kick the shit out of you if you don't vote for him. He was the heavy weight champion of everything. Did I mention he is already the fucking governor of California ? Yeah, that's one high political role. He is fit for the job.
  2. Second on the list of Men is Jesse Ventura, who played Blain! He is one bad ass mother-fucker, ready to pile-drive your ass into the cement. In 1998 this son-of-a-bitch was elected the governor of Minnesota . He is also fit for the job. He was also a pro wrestler, and he was in the navy seals. This crazy mother-fucker means war, and serves it cold. He has the most disgusting chin on earth, and your face will look even worse if you don't vote for him.
  3. Sonny Landham, as Billy. You're not going to fucking believe this, but it is true. This former 70's porn star is running for the governor of Kentucky . I am beginning to think these pumped lunatics are already planning to take over the world. Wow. That is one fucking manly greet when you enter the main page. This guy is willing to cut himself open for us so vote for him mother fuckers.
  4. Richard Chaves as Poncho Ramirez. Couldn't find anything on this guy, but he owns his own night club, therefore he knows what's going on so help him out, ok?
  5. Shane black, as Hawkins. This crazy son-of-a-bitch would make for a perfect financial advisor. He has sold some of is screenplays for $1.75 million. He wrote the screenplays for leathal weapon's one and two, therefore he is going to beat the shit out of your ugly face you buffoon. He also wrote the script for The Long Kiss Goodnight, in which the Rainbow fucking Bridge was blown to smithereens. That's right, our Rainbow fucking Bridge. The crazy fucking hick knows his shit, and has balls as big as fucking elephant nutz. Vote for him when the time comes.
  6. The last 4 goons that started in this incredibly awesome film are unfortunately not fit to suit the needs of a political role. (this is not my opinion, it is simply a fact that our present leaders intend to keep) Three of them are black and one is a girl. If it was up to me I would have them all in power and kicking some serious ass. I am just too lazy to type why.


This concludes this article. Now vote the cast of Predator, and let's fucking take over this piece of shit Earth.













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