Nice Chin Asshole

Wow! I know you are the coolest Jesse, but that is one fucking gross looking chin man. It looks like a fucking pencil sharpener you fucking ridiculous moron. Your ugly wife can kiss your ass and your face simultaneously, because you have a built-in asshole on your chin. It really does look like a fucking asshole. Make sure your makeup doesn't run when you're wrestling, it might add some extra details that will worsen the matter. I feel like taking that mini gun you had in Predator, and taking it to an army surplus and exchanging it for a grenade so that I can drop it in that fucking endless pit, and put an end to your sad, pathetic, and mislead miserable excuse for a life. Die you fucking asshole. Unless you are going to take over the world with your Predator buddies, or help in the production of a Predator 3, then fucking do your self a favour and go fucking jump off a building into a puddle of acid on the road you fucked-up-chin fuck.

I know this is a bad picture, but its Jay fucking Leno. All his pictures are bad, just like his fucking sad excuse for comedy. I just can't seem to pinpoint the direct-cause of his extreme fucking nastiness. Is it just his fucking hugantic sickening chin, or is it his whole fucked up ugly piece of shit, scumbag head? All I know is that he is fucked and should die.

The only chin that I could find that was even remotely close to the ugliness of these two fucking horrid disgusting pieces of shit, was this guy's. Wow eh?















IN dedication to the fucking Thaominator. Go fucking thaominate some shit!