Top Ten Reasons why Zombies Rule

I've been saying a lot about Zombies lately and I feel it's necessary for me to explain just why they are so fucking cool.

10. They are rotten and usually worm and maggot infested. How cool is that?
09. If for some crazy reason they begin to annoy you, they are easily dispatched with a quick shot to the head.
08. They are usually dressed nice for some special occasion. Clown Zombies and Nurse Zombies are VERY common.
07. Most Zombies are pretty slow, unless we're talking Return of the Living Dead Zombies, cuz then we'd be fucked.
06. If Day of the Dead has taught me anything, it's that Zombies can be trained to be pets.
05. Don't you think it would be hella fun driving around in a pickup truck with an AK-47 blowing the shit out of Zombies?!?!
04. If you're anything like me, chances are you fucking rule, and Zombies would obey you because you're a God.
03. Zombie Dogs. 'Nuff said.
02. If you could manage to train the Zombies you could have your own super army of ass kicking undead flesh eaters. Oh yeah.
01. Even if you die at the hands of a Zombie(s), you'd come back as a Zombie and eat loads of people for NO reason.