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All that talk about badass got me thinking. People really liked my little scale thing, so I am going to do a little criteria based comparison on the Predator and the Hoverround to see who truely is more badass. Also Thao claims she is more badass then the predator, so she is also in this event. I wonder who will win. Lets see. First thing is first. Badass is infact a real word. Lets see what the dictionary has to say about it.

1 Entry found for Badass.

Thats right. ONE entry. Badass has just one simple meaning. Lets see what it is.

n. A mean-tempered or belligerent person.
adj. Mean; belligerent.

Belligerent means something like hostile, and fights alot with eagerness and aggression. I am going to try to compile a little list of criteria based on the definitions of these words, and also the opinions of my fellow msn chatters. For every criteria that the contestant falls under, they will gain points from 1 to 10 based on how intense their characteristic is. At the end, who ever has the most points will win the title of the worlds most badass mother fucker.

Mean Tempered
The day I see this piece of shit explode and kill an old lady is the day it earns some respect from me. I award you no points hoverround, you suck. 0/10
Holy shit man. All this guy does is get pissed at people for no reason and then he kicks the shit out of them and claims their skulls. BUT on the other hand in predator two, at the end, he didn't kill samual, so I award him with 7/10.
Thao here, if you know her, is one pissed off maniac. She gets mad all the time and then whoops ass. I have even got a few black eyes from her. She can be nice, but she didn't give anyone a wicked gun like the predator gave sam. 8.5/10
Inclined or eager to fight
Hmm, I think one time I did see some old man kicking one of these trying to get it started, and it wasn't backing down at all. 2/10
Yes, the predator does whoop ass, but he doesn't really fight with eagerness. Infact, he doesn't really fight. He just whoops ass. Although this crazy SOB is inclined when he does fight, in both big fight seens he was losing so he set a bomb on his arm to kill himself. 6/10
Thao is not very eager to fight, but when fights arise, she tends to seem pretty confident. I have not seen her skills, but apparently she has taken many lessons, and is EAGER to take more in the future, such as kick boxing. Thats pretty intense, and if I don't award the right mark, black eye for me. 8/10
Intimidating Appearance
Hell no. I want to ride this mother fucker to toronto and back. Look how fun this son of a bitch looks. YOU GET ZERO MOTHER FUCKER.
Oh man. If I saw this guy in real life, my pants would have more shit in them then all the hoverrounds in the world. I mean it. I would whip it out and start masterbating for the last time because my life would end real soon. 10/10
Well I think this is where thao looses some points. But she does look pretty pissed and pmsed-out in this picture. I wouldn't want to fuck with her there, and I don't think you would either. Just look at her muscles and her grinding teeth. 6/10
Been in jail for killing, raping, stealing, or arson
Any old person who has used a hoverround for a getaway car would definatly get away, therefore none of them could be in jail. Plus old people are fags so they don't commit these crimes. BUT, old folks homes count as jail and there are millions of these there. 10/10
There is no way this guy would ever settle in a jail cell, and I don't think he would commit these crimes either. Well at least not raping. Tons of killing though. He is just to badass to get caught. 3/10
Killing? No. Raping? NO! Stealing and arson? Maby, but yet another too badass to get caught. 2/10
Swears and uses offensice language
There is nothing that this poor excuse for engineering could say that would offend me. Not in a million years. 0/10
Believe it or not, the predator does swear, I am not going to get into details, but he does. More then once. He doesn't really use any offensive language though. 5/10

Fuck it with barbeque sauce you say? Thao uses almost as much offensive language, and swears more than I do. More then adam does. More than some black guy in jail does. More than anyone in this competition.8.5/10

looks like Dario Zebert
Actually, yes. This thing does resemble Dario Zebert, its black, strong, bulky, has small parts. I think this earns a 6. 6/10

When the predator takes off his mask, he does look just like Dario, but he is too ashamed to take it off. I would be too. 4/10

Thao take this as a compliment. You look nothing like Dario and you never will. Thank god. sorry but that means you get 0/10. 0/10
Picks on old people
I am sure there is nothing on this planet that hates old people more than this poor pathetic bastard. 10/10
Nope. Never saw him pickin on any old people. In fact he likes to go for young guys for some reason. hmm. 0/10
Yes in fact I have heard Thao pick on some old people. Not much though. 3/10
Consumes alcoholic beverages
I put beer in one of these one time when I was drunk and stole one from Wal-Mart, and ran out of gas, and it blew up, SO FUCK YOU HOVERROUND! 0/10
I don't think he does, but then again he is really badass and most likely drinks 60 pounders like their shots of water. BUT this competition does not go on assumption. 0/10 (fuck)
Thao does drink. She even drinks during lunch. That is how badass she is. She gets smashed and does cool stuff. I think she just might even drive drunk one time. That is how badass she is. 7/10
Wears flannel
I did see one with a flannel seat back rest. 2/10
That would just be way to intense. I don't think any one could handle that. 0/10. (fuck fuck fuck)
Thao stole a flannel jacket off me, and she refuses to give it back. She wears it when she sleds and shit. But she doesn't wear it enough. 5/10
Thinks they are badass
Just look at it. It thinks it's the shit. 10/10
Definatly. Yes he does think he is badass. Just look at him, he is thinking "I am going to fucking kill you for lookin at me." 10/10
Thao knows she is badass, and she clearly thinks she is. She is the one who CHALLANGED THE PREDATOR!! 12/10
Male Gender
This thing has a bigger dick than Jamie Mudford. It's good. 5/10
I don't really know. Hmm never thought of that. NO ASSUMPTIONS 0/10 Female, which I prefer, but, does that cutt it? Msn users say nope. 1/10

I think I am going to cry.

Way to go thao!

FINAL NOTE: Thao won and I am very surprised. This competition proved harder than even I thought it would be. I was expecting some high nineties. I think with some better criteria the predator would have whooped ass. There has to be a mistake or biased criteria in there somewhere. It just doesn't make any sense. TIED WITH THE HOVERROUND? I am going to go kill myself now. PEACE!!!