Why we have stupid shit n' shit.


This is a little group of words that will explain to you why we have stupid shit that stupid people ask why we have.

-Feminism - Dumb bitches who watch gay movies and think that some where in this world romance exists far beyond the point of possibility. They feel that men try to, and do destroy their chances at this unrealistic goal, and thus turn to hating them, and blame their whole entire struggle at life on them. Iron my shirt bitch!

-War - First of all, war isn't stupid, but stupid people think it's stupid, and fucking ask why it is stupid, and then go back to their useless fucking lives. If there was no war, then we would have a bunch of assholes that deserve to die and blow up to death, running around shitting in holes in the ground. The reason we have war is because stupid bitches want peace, so they tell guys to go assassinate shit and shit like that. "If women were in power, there would be no war." FUCK THAT SHIT. If women were in power, I would be roasting over a fire and all cities would be replaced with gay looking gardens.

-Racism - There is a damn difference between racism and prejudice acts. We have racism because half the races on this world suck dick and should just die. (These are not the beliefs of the author, simply the general female race)

-Math - Something that mostly women teach. Useless to anyone who doesn't feel the need to become a genius.

-Pop-ups - Something that women created to propagandize the internet. You're looking at some new cds, or maybe some cool coloured thongs then BAMO!!! Buy this mother fucker, NOW! It has gotten so damn ridiculous that they sometimes say, if you don't, we will turn your computer off. Thank you!

-Government - Just something invented so that women would have something to wine about. They never shut the hell up damnit.

-Guys who hate and beat girls - Caused by Feminism, war, racism, math, pop-ups, and government.










why is this article here? some bitch wrote it. mmmm hmmm, yup un huh.