What to do if you try to have a child, and give birth to a retard instead

Here is a short list of some of the possibilities you can approach when this horrible act of god occurs with you. We suggest that you expand on these ideas, and take them to new levels. Or even use them to think up better ideas. We hope this helps.

Take it for a swim in the Amazon. There will be lots of other creatures like it that it can make friends with.

Burn it to death in a gasoline induced fire set in a dumpster. No one will ever know what happened because there will be very little remains. To be safe, throw some scrap metal in with it, and investigations will confirm that it was an alien that crashed it's ship into the dumpster.

Leave it on some random assholes front steps in an old milk crate. It will be mistaken for some free present from the milk company, and most likely tossed into the trash where it belongs.

Take it to the freeway to play ball.

Leave it on some random assholes front steps in an old milk crate, but set it aflame beforehand.

Strap a target on it, and let it loose in a military target range.

Feed it to hungry wild lions, or donate it to the zoo for pet food.

Give it an M-16 and send it to a federal building like the White House. One less retard is one less burden. Where's my bourbon?





















This page is dedicated to fat repulsive retards.