Cool Things to Smoke With Your Automobile

Hit some stuff with your automobile, start with this shit. It's good fun. These are some ideas we think you should hit; the first five. The last five are people you may know, and what they think would be cool to hit. Just to compare our minds to theirs. Scroll down!!!










I know what your thinking. You think I am evil. Fuck you. This would be sweet to hit, little babies flying everywhere and splattering all over the road. Look at the smile on that bitches face! She is willing to leave that cart in the road and jump out of the way to save her catholic ass from getting hit, so turn around and hit her after. Just imaging, six babies killed with one hit, and if they are Japanese, 15 babies killed with one hit. Scroll down.











Road kill. Try to get fresh road kill if you can. I am against hitting live animals but once they are dead you might aswell spread their guts and blood all over the road, because it's hilarious. You know when you see road kill that is completely flat on the road with its blood stains crimsoning the road in an outward spiral around its corpse? Thats from assholes like me. Well, it would be if I drove. But I will do that. Scroll down.












A group of children dressed in flaming clown suits. I dunno, I just thought it would be kind of cool. Little flaming fuckers in clown suits sailing through the air with blood guising out of them like a busted ass fire hydrant. Scroll down.












This one may be hard to make out. It is a shopping cart................................................................Filled with bunnies. If you're wondering why I have a million dots in my elipse instead of three, it's because this piece of shit program won't let me do more then one space at a time damnit. Anyways, that would be cool. It's like killing bunnies and smashing shit at the same time. Scroll down.











A zombie with a video camera. Imaging seeing from your own eyes what it's like to get hit and have your blood and goo splat everywhere? Hit the zombie then watch the film, and jerk off to it. Zombies are the only way to go if you want lots of blood and goo n' shit. Scroll down.











Now you get to read what other assholes think would be cool to hit. Here is the first one.


Lisa Peng states it would be funny to run over a ball. . After that she said it would be funny to hit a person that sean was looking at on a site. (She is referring to a fat person to clear up facts.) She is evil, I am against hitting animals, she wants to exterminate fat people. Wow.

Now that's just fucking mean. You want to run over someones pumpkin? On halloween? And people? Sean Mancusso, what has gotten into you?

Adam Nadeau


Brett Main

The fifth person is soon to come, They just need to get ahold of me. (Someone please send me an answer, I'm probably not going to post it though)














No finitto!