Who the fuck needs a mayor?


Niagara Falls is run by a bunch of fake assholes that only care about tourists. Tourists are fucking assholes. Especially the foreign ones. Every time I turn my head my opposite ear hears about a new attraction that is being built for the tourists. Tourists are fucking assholes, especially the foreign ones. There is this ridiculous gondola that is all over the papers and also the talk of the town. I hope it goes in. I like ruining nature, killing innocent animals, and destroying entire ecosystems just to please rich Asians by sending them down the side of a cliff for 2 minutes in exchange for $200, which is like nickels and dimes to anyone who can afford to visit Niagara Falls . I hope some East Indian blows it up and kills all the retards stupid enough to waste money on it. I hope the cable rips when all the executives take it out for the grand opening test run. I hope it's so loud that all the fags visiting the falls go deaf and never return. I hope everyone involved in it dies. I also think its hilarious how people in the city are reacting to it. It doesn't matter what we think, so let's all just shut the fuck up. The only reason I am writing this is because, 1) I am fucking bored, 2) No one is going to read it anyways because my site gets no traffic, 3 )none of the above, 4) Van Halen rules, 5) fuck, and 6) fuck you. Check this site out. It's a petition. Sign it if you are a money grubbing rich fuck who thinks you play some roll in the operation of Niagara Falls . http://www.bridgeupdate.com/petition.htm Please note the title of the site. “Save Niagara Falls” How about we fucking blow up the Hilton, the Embassy Suites, all those other big rich hotels, Mountain road of course, the casino, Italy, and main street convenience (just for the hell of it, even though they are pretty nice and honest people) if we want to save Niagara Falls? We might as well just hire the fucking Mafia for our governing body. I don't know anything about politics, and I don't fucking want to, but I do know that our city is making lots of money, and none of it is benefiting us citizens. I say we should all go shit on the front steps of City Hall. In fact I'm starting a little petition. It's called, “Liberate Niagara Falls!” (It should be up in a few years or two) If you want to shit on the steps with me, sign in. Here is a pic of that site just in case the idiot who made it realized how retarded they are and took it off and killed themself. Lets hope they did.












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