There are many different types of ditches. A real life physical ditch is what fuels the slang version of the verb "to ditch." There are many forms of ditches hence there are many different forms in which one can be ditched. Letís run through them, I am an expert on all of them, thanks to Thao. The first type of ditch is a very common type of ditch. It is the drainage ditch. The non complex one, which is obviously the one we are referring to. It is usually made of stone, and filled with dirty waste water, poo, and other sorts of disgustingness that you wouldn't want to be thrown in. definitely not alone. Ever had plans to go to a sweet party with some friends and shown up there only to find that itís a grade nine sausage fest, and the only girl there is your cousin? Youíve just had your ass drainage ditched. The symptoms are easy to identify. 1) It smells like shit, 2) you're surrounded by shit, and 3) you're bitch friend didn't fucking show, cause she is a dirty whorish bitch. It comes in many forms, as do all ditches. (Cyber, physical, etc).

The second type of common ditch is the street ditch, otherwise known as path ditch. They are usually shallow and run along pathways and roads, without a major change in elevation. When water trickles through the path ditch, it is usually there alone. Just little bits of water at a time. When you get your pathetic ass path ditched, you're pals leave you hanginí there like an asshole, on the corner of a street, all alone. This may be one of the most humiliating forms of being ditched. Ask Lisa here. Let the record show, she was ditched by Thao.

Then of course there is the overflow ditch. This is commonly used in places in which water is a necessity, but only to a certain extent. When the maximum amount needed is reached, the remaining amount overflows into a different area. Some times when you're going out with your friends, in a limo to prom, you may find that even though you all pitched in, you're one seat short. Guess whoís walking. You, itís always you. You've just been overflow ditched.

Here is an example of Jimmy being overflow ditched. (Please note it is a southpark version of Jimmy)












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