I got in this sweet cyber arguement with Breanne's roommate, who happens to have the name, Nadia, therefore must be a paki. I think it's pretty funny. I love arguing and I love sharing my arguments. Here it is. Im the bold and dib dib is the skinny weak font.


hey this is breanne's roommate nadia

who's this


she told me that if someone on here sends her a message to tell them she had to go get some hot water for her cold




yes nadia

what'd your name

hey nadia

hows it going



im justin

one of brannes x freinds that she is trying to trick


this is actually nadia i'm not kidding she went to get some neo citron i gave her

if you gave it to her why did she go to get it?

to get hot water

for it

how could a university student make no sense?

are you calling me stupid?? jj


no seriously this is her roommate

just joking


well if i was calling you stupid i would have said...

you're stipid (8)dun dun dun(8)

haha breanne does the "dun dun dun" thing too

she must have got that from you


so how do you know breanne

she didnt' she doesn't talk to me

she told me that you gave her all those icon things that are cool and i want

like the middle finger one

that's you right?

nope thats someone who she contacted to get something from

so whats up nadia

ooh you're pretty mad at her eh

not much

do you live in niagara falls too?

no im not mad at her

yeah i live in niagara falls

where do you live? pakistan ?

excuse me??


no i am WHITE and i live in burlington

i know i have an indian name but i am NOT pakistanian

and actually it;s a russian name

but ya

nadia? well you talk like a fucking retard, and you have a paki name

i just like being mean sometimes

but i am sorry

you're not very nice

i know im not nice, but its cause i hate being nice

how do i talk like a fucking retard

you don't even know how i talk

mabye its the paki voice i hear in my head hahaha, this is hilarious


oh man


you're hilarious

you're not mad at me?

i don't know you how would i be mad at you

but don't expect me to like you...not that you care obviously

lol im sorry if i was an asshole,l but this whole time i thought you were a paki

hahah and what if i was

then i hate you

AW, you racist much

lol that made no sense

see the pic of me and breanne i'm WHITE

but if a was a paki i would definately hate you

no, the people i work for are pakis, and if you were a paki, then you would be offended simply by the term "paki"

yes and by the fact that you said you would hate me if i was a paki

i work for pakis and they are retards


actually there are a lot of pakis here at waterloo and they're pretty smart

and chinks

define chink


you seem to be very negative and mad

are you mad you weren't born asian


what the hell are you talking about?

just a question



imhere nadia

my love!!

well you're not very nice so i'll let you talk to breanne again since she's back


well nice people dont get along with NOT NICE people

ho ho ho....


you're a fucking ass

get a life

how do you get along with breanne she's the nicest person i've ever met


and i'm not a fucking paki so f u



f me?

fuck you bitch, its even worse to have a paki name and not be a paki than it is to be a paki

you racist fuck, its good to hear you hate asians


Ok, so it wasn't as funny as I thought it was when I was drunk. But it's ok I guess. Here, this is when breanne came back. Oh yeah, please note, "mfing." What the fuck is mfing?


you were soo mean to my roommate!


no i wasn't

you were too

anyone who takes somtehing mean is rich

she doesn't like you now

ohh darn

one more person who doesn't like me

i have something to dwell over now

asdfon you that was jerky!

i have no proof that my own friends even like me

are you depressed

what have you been smoking!

ive been smoking doobies, rolls n' rolls of doobies breanne, im a fucking mongaloid, help me!

and questions end in "?" not "!"

what's your problem why areyou being so jerky!

you could have been nice ot nadia

at least

i was for awhile

why dont you read the history instead of jumping to conclusions with yournew friends

oh yeah, they are better than us

us us who's us!

just you lol

no there not better....but there going too be if you keep being so rude!

breanne, you need some grammer lessons

im so glad that rich people get to go to school before smart poor people

and why's that

i don't know

im retarded?

what the heck is wrong with you?


your definetly not being you

calm down

no i won't calm down

im just so mad right now

at everything

im sorry if im a jerk

i do'nt mean to be, but i can't take it anymore, fucking pakis

and this is the fisrt time you have held a conversation with me since you have left

whyare you so mad?

Fuck you hossa take this...

Justin, 86 sends C:\Documents and Settings\Justin\My Documents\Virus' and other anti bitch tools\die_feminazi.virus
Transfer of "die_faminazi.virus" is complete.


The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

That is when I took matters into my own hands and decided that I would simply destroy that feminazis computer. I sent her one of my uber viruses and instantly her computer blew up in her face. Note she went offline right away.





















hahaha lisa peng is chinese, what a fucking idiot.












sorry for wasting your time