Funny vs Not Funny


I may be one of the most giant assholes against humans, thats cause the thought and concept of the human race and all its ways make me sick. I am on the other hand a softy towards animals. What I am trying to say is that I much rather watch an america soldier that failed at his mission get his head sawed off then watch a poor little kitten get hit by a car. I even think that people getting hurt is funny most of the time. Just look at this, you'll see what I mean.


You probably feel sorry for this fucking idiot. I think its hilarious and if i saw it in real life I'd shit in my pants.

Its funny. Humans try to be so cool and tough, it reminds me of those kids, what are they called? Oh yeah, thugs. Those b-ball playing, rapper, giant shirt wearin', pant tuckin' in, construction boot wearin', side ways hat mother fuckers who can beat up anyones ass yo! This is what you get for trying to be strong. Fucking retards.

This on the other hand is pretty sad. This squirelle wasn't trying to be tough, he was just looking for some nuts to chew on man, all he wanted were some nuts. By the way, thanks to for most of the pics. That site is hilarious.

Its funny when stupid humans try to act cool and get hurt. But it isn't funny when they try to act all cool and end up hurting a poor horse. It looks pretty funny actually, yeah, I'll let this one slide.

I hope there was a feminazi and the passenger seat and I the horses dick went into her mouth and out the back of her skull. It's not funny when people hit animals. On the other hand, it's fucking hilarious when people hit other people.

Hahaha, just imagine. Animals hitting people, being controlled by other stupid people. This is where it gets interesting.

This idiot is getting double horse hoof fucked. It's like a giant spider is stomping on him, eight legs, all mass strong and heavy and pissed.

Hilarious. Don't fuck with bulls you dumb fuck. They are giant male cows with dicks bigger than your arm and they have huge horns and they get mad when you wave those red flags. You fucking idiot, hope you enjoyed beastial saudomy. (I can't spell) You know what I mean though.

Haha by the look of his face it looks like he is enjoying it.

Don't just stand there and take a picture of it you fucking assnigger. Help the poor thing. This better be photoshopped. This shit makes me mad.

Hahaha, you missed asshole. Nice try though. (Not even close) I wish I could get hit in the nutz with a 100mph object, then I wouldn't have to worry about having kids.

Oh wait, he's chinese. He barely has a penis anyways. Wait a minute, is he chinese? WTF?

Haha, this guy is my fucking hero. I hope he bit that feminazi's nose clean the fuck off. Thats what you get for trying to boss the parrot around you stupid whore.

Brush your fucking teeth asshole.

If this mother fucker snapped their shot then walked away I hope they feel into something right when they turned around. That duck was a fucking idiot though. This must have been taken in the states. She obviously wanted to kill her children. That's as dumb as tying your baby to the wheel cause the trunk is full.

I'm crying.

Hahahaha you have to read this. I can't stop laughing. I'm going to try this.

I can't stand people who think harming innocent animals is fun/funny. Putting explosives into fries to feed seaguls ins't funny and throwing wet frogs on electric fences isn't funny either. Once when I was young I was petting my turtle Donitello, and my mom told me to put him back so I got mad and threw him into the tank causing his shell the chip. I think he died too. It haunts me to this day. What was I thinking? What the fuck, why are all the ninja turtles wops? Anyways, I leave you with idiots getting killed by animals.

Fucking stupid fucks.









Fucking kangaroos.