Hate Mail



I actually recieved a hate mail!! I am so excited!! People I don't even know hate me!! This is spectacular!!

"i would just like you to send this on to the 1 who runed lifes manifestatins.

douse it make you feel good being a jerk abot everything? doe it really. you must feel really bad about yourself to make fun of people that way

the mentally disabled cant help thmselved from having that condition and your not a 'nazi' just cuz you believe in eqaul rights you are what makes the internet a bad thing i ho
PS learn to fucking spell asshead"

The only realistic conclusion I could come to is that it is a joke. The other one, which is less realistic, but more probable, is that the sender has a severe case of down syndrome, and hates men. Sorry about my spelling mistakes. Yese it douse make me feel good being a jerk abot everything. It really doe.

Now you too can send hate mail!!











mongoloid feminazis have learned what the internet is, we are doomed with infecious viruses