Life = Fun



It is official. I am within this article formally resigning from all the serious aspects of life. Why bother trying, when we're fucked anyways? Everyday I talk to and deal with the people who hold our countries future. Half the students I talk to are aiming at huge career plans dealing with politics, law, biology, math, science and every other important high paying careers. The sad thing is most of them can't even string a sentence together. I love how me, (a stupid drunk with a low average and an intelligence less than that of a gold fish) writes a letter of reference and sends it to a "smart" friend (who won many awards at graduation to edit) only to get it back 5 times worse than the original. I write a decent paper, and this university student converts it to the work of a fucking mongoloid. I thought they were smart, after all, they did win every award at school, get scholarships from stupider people, and steal all the positions in schools. The point is, everything is corrupt. If school was properly organized, smart people would be the foundation of our future. I have decided I am going to take no caution in wasting money, do whatever I can to not be sober, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Why should we try, when we can have more fun sitting back laughing at the fucking morons taking this world to its very destruction simply by their own stupidity and unawareness? So here it is; I Justin !~$(@(#*@#@ am no longer going to try to succeed in life. I am simply going to have a good time, and laugh at retards who bear more ambition than their intelligence can handle. I also feel that this world is going downhill, therefore I am going to use the little time I have to make life enjoyable, by doing drugs, getting wasted, following my interests, relieving myself of the stress of money, and reading this web page two times a day.

I ask that everyone who understands this signs a “formal resignation from taking life seriously” with me. Let the world know you also believe there is no point in trying, because you realize that you cannot make it through the corruption, unless of course you are a retard with the knowledge of a grade two. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this with html. If you really want to make this formal resignation and you want it public, mail to here, and eventually I will post it, along with any comments you want.












i have such a fucking good invention, its secoret though