I Am Not Racist



Some girl sent me a hatemail. (Side note. Since I made an email address for hatemail, only females have complained about anything. They wonder why they are a target, I aim to offend those whom are easily offended. Bitches) She said that I was racist, and demanded to know where my white pointy hat and robe were located in all my pictures. I feel that I am not racist. This site is very stereotypical and very prejudice, but in no way is it racist. It is very hate-filled and anti retard, but it isn't racist. All my friends are from different countries, how could I possibly be racist? The only people I hate are white people, and I am white. Here are some of my friends.

Notice the difference in skin tones between the many of us? They are a very diverse group, with pure blood from all over the globe. I on the other hand am just a white mut Canadian with about 50 different backgrounds. I like all my friends very much. These are just a few of the people mentioned on this site. They all hate you now too. Because you called me racist, you fat bitch. The only country that I will probably never have any friends from is fuckin' USA. This is simply because I am prejudice, and I automatically hate everyone from there. Ignorant bastards. You may say I'm ignorant, but if you do it's 'cause you're a feminazi, so fuck you. Everyone in this picture is staring and laughing at the retard that mailed me.

I want to thank those of you who support me in the on going fight against feminism.













Freinds on da page yall, and des where abouse from left to white, den midda to da top white.

yason, meheco
fidel castro-peru
evvie- dot org
toliwano - baltic motha fucka
adam - fwance
wichard pwia - afwika
sean wopcusso - vowel land italy
wisa - ChInA
Thao - Vietnam
Bwett - Germany shneye